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Homeland Protection firms non-stop deal with medicine trafficking at America’s busiest flight terminals and along the southerly boundary from San Diego to the Rio Grande Valley. With each other, CBP and HSI take immoral contraband, obstruct invaluable artefacts, go after cartel cash launderers, rescue sufferers of trafficking, and job worldwide to eliminate prohibited gold mining in Colombia.


6 Million Dollar Seizure:
HSI reveals a multi-million-dollar drug contraband ring of airline company staff members. CBP seeks substance abuse the country’s biggest group of K-9s.

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Gas Tank Meth
HSI grabs a vehicle packed with meth, while CBP’s beagles seek contraband.

Forest Stash
CBP looks for medication joggers in the forests of Puerto Rico and discovers meth in a cars and truck bumper.

Million Dollar Ride
HSI and CBP confiscate phony money and phony vax cards showing up from Peru. CBP Calexico draws 205 kilos of meth from a greatly crammed auto.

Bunked in a Trunk
CBP faces human contraband at the San Ysidro boundary going across, while HSI snatches an auto filled with 6 kilos of fentanyl tablets headed right into California.

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Weapons of New York
HSI breasts a prohibited weapon procedure in NYC, while CBP challenges a meth rise from Mexico.

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Medication Boat Bust:
CBP confiscates imitation drugs, and HSI seeks a collection of maritime contraband situations.

Dope on a Rope
CBP Nogales captures an inner body provider, while CBP San Diego locates 22 kilos of meth strung with each other in a gas container.

National Geographic

Assortment of Smack
HSI catches cars and truck filled with an assortment of narcotics, while CBP confiscates looted old artefacts.

Powdered Rims
HSI takes cocaine-filled tire edges in Puerto Rico and a tons of meth and fentanyl in San Diego. CBP Miami obstructs $400,000 of cash money bound for Cuba.

Awesome Ketamine
CBP displays for club medicines concealed in toiletries, while HSI discovers meth hidden in garlic.

Smuggled and Muzzled
CBP intercepts 36 kilos of drug hidden in a cars and truck’s flooring, and quits a pup smuggler.