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CES Projector News – Every New Projector at CES 2024

I simply returned from CES 2024 and I have actually obtained all the most recent information concerning projectors to be launched in 2024.
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00:00 Lifestyle Projectors
00:14 Nexigo TriVision Ultra
00:59 XGIMI Horizon Max
02:10 Dangbei Mars Pro 2
02:47 Dangbei X5 Ultra
03:08 Hisense C2
03:28 Single LCD Projectors
03:40 Yaber K4
03:51 Yaber K3
04:10 Formovie XMing Page One
04:28 XMing Episode One
04:47 Wanbo DaVinci 1
05:05 Portable Projectors – LG Qube
05:31 Dangbei Atom
05:52 Yaber T2S
06:12 Hisense Barco Bright
06:56 Hisense Mystery PX3
07:11 Hisense Floor Rising Fresnel
07:28 AWOL Wireless Home Theater