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I Bought THE BEST 5 HOME THEATRES in India – Around ₹10,000

In this video clip, I place the very best Soundbars Around 10,000 from Worst to Finest.

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In this video clip, I rate the very best Soundbars Around 10,000 from worst to ideal. This consists of an introduction of the soundbars’ style, port option, and audio top quality. The listing consists of soundbars from watercraft, Zebronics, JBL, Samsung and GoVo.

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00:00 Best Soundbar
00:53 Rank 5
02:21 Rank 4
03:56 Rank 3
05:33 Rank 2
07:17 Rank 1

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Supervisor: Ayush Pathak.
Cinematographer: Vishal Sharma, Kashish, Praveenkar, Jatin Chopra.
Editing And Enhancing: Ayush Pathak, praveen, Anil.
Web Content: Parth Monish Kohli.