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My Security Guard ARRESTED my Friend!!

My security guard is Grace Sharer Evil twin level bad and arrested my friend!!

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Stephen Sharer security guard has been sleeping in Share the love beach house room for over 24 HOURS! She moved back into his house last vlog after she QUIT on Stephen last year. Stephen has to figure out how to get her out of his house. Stephen needs to wake her up. He is going to bring this giant loud speaker in and wake her up and get her out of his house. Volume all the way up in 3, 2 ,1 ahhh! That was so loud how did that not wake Alexa up? This is not good. Wait where did Alexa go? Alexa is playing Roblox?! Stephen does love this game he has played it on his Stephen Sharer gaming channel before. This is Stephen’s gaming computer and doesn’t want Alexa to mess it up. Alexa has been using Stephen’s golf cart? Alexa set up a speed trap… she is crazy. Is she going to arrest that person? Alexa stopped Katie for speeding. What is going on? Stephen is going to take Alexa to look at some houses. It will be good when she moves a lot of streets over. There are a lot of houses for sale on the other side of the island. Maybe Alexa can get a new job over there… This house looks great but it’s a little too close to Stephen’s house. Wait this house looks so perfect for Alexa. She is going to talk to the realtor now! Sharers good news is it looks like Stephen found Alexa a house now we just have to get her to move in there right away. Wait this house is 18 million dollars?! Alexa can’t afford to buy a house this is not good. Sharers comment down below how you think we can get Alexa to move out of Stephen’s house! If Alexa wants her job back and wants to get paid again she has to step it up. The house looks great but Stephen doesn’t need Alexa anymore. Oh no it looks like she has definitely moved into Stephen’s house and when she is not working she’s just playing Roblox! Stephen is going to go talk to her again this is wild! Stephen is going to call his realtor to see if he can find her a small apartment. Sharers she is taking over his gaming computer too… what if she starts streaming on Stephen’s gaming channel?! This could be a huge issue. Alexa is kicking Katie out again! Where did Alexa go? Wait Alexa put Stephen’s friend in JAIL? Stephen has to go down to the police station this is NOT GOOD! Sharers Stephen’s security guard is out of control. Sharers comment down below how Stephen is going to get Katie out of jail and how Stephen is going to get his security guard out of his life for good! Hit the Subscribe button right now and turn on your Post Notifications!

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