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We Were ALL WRONG About Security Breach (And Why That’s A GREAT Thing!) | FNAF Theory

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00:00 Preheating
01:01 So what is the Mimic?
05:39 Morgan and also Morgan Advertisement
07:21 What has the Mimic depended on?
10:10 Do we have proof of the Mimic within Security Breach?
15:16 Who made the simulate in the FNAF video games?
17:20 How does the Mimic adjustment the FNAF Timeline?
21:18 Who composed the rhyme in the Sister Location area in Security Breach?
22:56 Letting it trendy
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THE MIMIC IS SUCH A BETTER VILLAIN IM SO HAPPY THANK GOD SECURITY BREACH IS BASED NOW!!!!! There’s waaaaay much more connective cells in between The Tales from the Pizzaplex and also the last couple of FNAF video games, however I seriously believe this is such an advantage for the health and wellness of 5 evenings at freddy’s all at once.