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What if FNAF SECURITY BREACH Animatronics Were MECH ARMORS?! (Story & Speedpaint)

It’s ultimately time in conclusion my 5 Nights at Freddy’s Mech shield collection with a Safety Violation concentrated episode. Previous 2 episodes are connected below:

Anyhow, delight in: What if FNAF SECURITY BREACH Animatronics Were MECH ARMORS?! (Story & Speedpaint).

#FNAF #FiveNightsAtFreddysSecurityBreach

I’m fairly satisfied with just how this collection has actually finished up, also if I never ever wound up attracting William Afton in his Burntrap mech shield. Sorry concerning that!

In this 3rd episode ending I’ve re-coloured my Freddy Mech right into a Glamrock Freddy, transformed the Montgomery Gater animatronic right into a Transformers-like Mech match, The Daycare assistant right into a Sunny Iron Man like Mech for Benny that obtains hacked right into a Moondrop variation of it as well as lastly transformed Glamrock Chica right into a glossy shield to complete it off!

FNAF Mechs P1:
FNAF Mechs P2:

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Glamrock Freddy:
Monty Gator:
Day care Sun:
Childcare Moon:
Glamrock Chica:
9 Mechs in 1 Poster: